There are lots of business opportunities out there. Some brilliant and some not so good. There are lots of businesses that have quite good concepts but are not suitable for all.

The business opportunity we describe here revolves around saving. We all know that saving is very important. Some of the reasons for saving include saving for retirement, protection from the unexpected and increasing your wealth. There are many, many more reasons of course but mostly down to the individual.

Here we encourage saving so as to accumulate wealth. Unfortunately though the price of currency goes up and down and as we know inflation is tough on our economy which has an effect on everyone including our assets which includes property, shares, stocks and savings.

The Economy

Even in our ever changing world with a very unstable economy there are investments that have stood the test of time. These investments are in physical gold and silver. For more details, please visit these sites:-

Gold as we know is the “commodity of Kings”. It is known this way because up until very recently gold was only owned by kings and the very rich. However, due to our every changing economy the average individual now has the opportunity to purchase gold, whether in individual coins, bars or in bulk.


Even though the “average Joe” is able to purchase gold and silver, the demand for these precious materials is still very high and gold is still very rare. “The US Mint temporarily suspended sales of American Buffalo gold 1 ounce coins after its stocks were depleted.” – The Telegraph 2008

So why is there such a demand? Mainly it is because gold is rare and it is useful. It doesn’t corrode like other metals that rust. It conducts both heat and electricity well and is soft and easy to work with; and because of this gold is very precious and highly sought after.


Currently when buying gold bullion such as Britannias, Maples, Eagles, Nuggets, Buffalos, Krugerrands, remember that you are “the bearer” of these items as they are legal tender and owned by the relevant government. For example when buying a Maple gold coin it remains the property of the Canadian government.

At we recommend the purchasing of privately mined gold. Argor-Heraeus in Switzerland is a private gold mining company that is a supplier of gold who practice “clean gold” mining principles, as in the past the gold mining industry has yielded vast and sometimes irreparable damage to the natural environment.