Windows FixDisk is a fraudulent piece of software which ketodietposts is thinly-disguised as an antivirus tool. Despite looking like a legitimate piece of software, this program is a scam and should not be trusted at all on your PC. The good news is that if you want to get rid of the virus, you should be able to stop the infection pretty easily if you’re able to first prevent the tool from loading before deleting it from your system for good. Don’t worry if you have this virus – it’s not going to steal any information / files from your PC… it will just be causing a small number of problems which can be resolved in this tutorial.

What Is This Program?

Windows FixDisk is a virus, which works legalsolid by installing itself onto your PC and then trying to get you to buy the rogue upgrade to the program. The main source of this infection is from the likes of a fake email, malicious file or some other infection that will prevent it from running correctly. We’ve found that this program is a complete scam and needs gamerdidi to be removed in the most effective way possible in order to ensure the complete security of your system. This tutorial is going to show you how to do this in the most effective way possible.

How To Remove Windows FixDisk

This is known as a “malware” valorantis (malicious software) virus, which means that it’s slightly different than a typical virus, basketoffers and therefore needs to be removed in a different way. The first step to getting rid of this virus is to stop the program running – which is done by first ensuring that you can restart your computer into “Safe Mode”. This will prevent the software from actually loading, making it vital that you’re able to delete the various parts of the infection from your PC in the most effective way possible. You can do this by restarting your system, and then pressing F8 continually to bring up the “Boot Menu” of your system. After this menu has been loaded, lastgain you should then select Safe Mode With Networking.

When you’ve loaded into Safe Mode With Networking, it’s then vital that you’re able to delete any of the files and settings the software will be using to run. This can be done by either manually deleting the files listed below, or by using a program called a “Spyware Removal Tool” to do it:


  • %UserProfile%/-Start Menu/-Programs/-Windows Fix Disk


We recommend using a program called XoftSpy to delete Windows Fix Disk. Xoftspy is able to get rid of all the possible problems that your system will have, by scanning through your PC and then removing the various settings, options and files which will be inside there. You can use this tool by downloading, installing and running it in safe mode.