Just a few months ago, Apple unveiled their magical revolutionary new iPad which is a great tablet PC to use for a variety of purposes. The iPad is thin and light, plays HD videos, chat, multi touch and wireless. If you are planning to buy a tablet PC or PMP, you may want to consider a cheaper and much more affordable content option where you can get the likes of the same iPad features a at a more reduced price and much more efficient rate.

The new Android 2.2 Apad system is the new iPad deal breaker as it is available at less than half the price. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the iPad, the android 2.2 Apad is best suited for you with unlimited apps and functions. China has unveiled the Apad the Chinese clone of the Apple iPad and it does not run some dumb piece of software like Chinese clones. In fact the reason it’s called Apad is because it runs on Android OS. The Apad is a Google Android based operating system that follows a touch screen display and has some of the high tech electronics that you can possibly dream of. It supports Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, HD video, images and much more. Overall, it has an interface that can put the iPad to shame. At the rate which it is available at, the Apad is truly a revolutionary product.

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The Apad is just the starter, there are much more available in the online world that can be found at these online tablet marts I have read dozens of iPad reviews and know what it is capable of, I have seen the YouTube videos and all of that and the Apad is a true rival, especially for those on a budget. I would dare to say that the Apad does EVERYTHING the iPad does, PLUS has all of those delicious apps from the Google Marketplace, with most of them being FREE. The Apad is packed with amazing options and applications like USB ports, Flash 10.1, SD slot, use a mouse or keyboard, watch HD movies, play games, download free apps, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, eBook reader, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Mp3 player, Skype, GTalk, YouTube, Facebook, Chat, Email and all the power of the internet on this 7 inch MID in the palm of your hand. Apad is the best Apad with Google android system.

This PC tablet kills the iPad. Apad, best Apad, Apad iRobot, iPad, Google android PC tablet Okay, so do I like the Apad more than the iPad? You bet. While I am a fan of Apple’s products the fact is that the iPad is a closed system. Allowing me only to get content from Apple, games only from Apple, installed ONLY if Apple approves the games or apps. I don’t like being held back. The Apad gives me that FREEDOM that I have been searching for in a PC Tablet. I get the price, size, and the Power of Google with maps, mail and an Android 2.2 OS. Andoid OS, by its very nature is a fully open system.

While you can use the Android marketplace to get your games or applications, Hundreds and hundreds of developers simply release them on their website, and installation is just a click on the Apad when you’re browsing the actual website I must confess: the Apad has it all and therefore, provides me with all the tools I need to have the best multimedia experience I have ever seen and or owned, in my life….bar nothing.