There is currently no other metal that can be used in so many different ways across so many different industries other than aluminium. Being such a versatile metal, aluminium is highly desired for use in a range of both private and commercial industries. But what are some of the more common applications for this amazingly useful metal? copart

Packaging These days, when it comes to packaging, you will generally have the choice of either plastic or aluminium. You will commonly find aluminium being used in drink cans, foil wrappings, bottle tops and foil containers. In many cases, metal packaging is much more preferable to the use of plastic. This is due to a number of reasons:


  • aluminium allows food to be transported in a manner that is clean and protected from changes in the surrounding environment
  • aluminium is resistant to corrosion, meaning it will not decompose in hot, cold or wet conditions
  • aluminium is 100% waterproof, making it suitable for protecting foods that are in danger of becoming wet
  • aluminium prevents the aroma and taste of the protected food from leaking out of the packaging


Transport As aluminium is such a lightweight metal, it means that less energy is required for it to be moved, making it an ideal material for many different transportation vehicles. You will commonly find aluminium in trains, boats and cars and it is also used (although less frequently) in planes. Another reason that the metal is so highly suited for use in the transportation industry is that it is completely corrosion resistant. This means that vehicles made out of aluminium will not rust when exposed to extreme weather conditions, including heat waves, rain, hail and even snow. woles4d

Pots and Pans When it comes to how we cook in our kitchens, the first thought that generally comes to mind is in pots and pans. And what are these cooking items made out of? You guessed it – aluminium. The metal is favoured in the hospitality industry for its resistance to corrosion, allowing it to deal with hot, cold and wet conditions quite well. It is also used for the fact that the metal is non-toxic and aromaless, even when heated. Aluminium kozijnen

Whilst these are by no means the only uses for aluminium, they are the applications where aluminium is the most preferred metal. You can also find the metal in a range of other industries, such as commerce, electronics and construction.