Choosing between companies with the same or similar products can be a very difficult task. Fortunately, there is a method to the madness. Its called Good Old Fashion Due Diligence. There are many things you may want to consider before making a final decision. fusionblog

First, take a look at the stability of the company and the length of time they’ve been in business. In this case, Talk Fusion boasts a debt free company in 85 different countries with a presence in the USA of over three years. My Video Talk is currently in pre-launch with no official launch date on the horizon. Some people are excited by the buzz and the excitement of being on the ground floor of a Start-up Venture. Others avoid start-ups because of the patience required to navigate through the growing pains. Broken promises, long hold times, and limited administrative and Distributor support can often lead to major frustration and disappointments. To further ascertain a company’s stability, make it a point to ask if they own or lease their technology. Owning the technology gives a company a greater degree of stability and control. omegawriter

Next, find out if the company is a member of DSA(The Direct Sellers Association). The Association’s mission is to ensure that the marketing by member companies of products and/or the direct sales opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics and services to consumers.

Then, its time to Compare Startup Fees. Currently, My Video Talk charges $249.90 for Their Basic Package, $399.90 for their Business Builder Package and a monthly service fee of $29.00 and $49.00 respectively. Their Basic Package does not give access to their complete product line. Talk Fusion’s Starter Package is $175, and $375 for the Executive Package with a monthly service fee of $20.00 no matter which package you choose. Their Starter Package includes their entire product line. For more info please visit these sites :-

When critiquing companies that offer video email, you must be sure to ask if they are Whitelisted. This is very important. If they are not Whitelisted, the deliverability rate is only going to be about 55%. This means over half of the video emails sent by the distributor or the customer may be rejected and therefore never make it to the inboxes. Next, ensure that the video email as well as other products are USER FRIENDLY from start to finish. Talk Fusion does have a reputation for simplicity with their easy point and click technology. Some have described the use of My Video Talk’s products as somewhat frustrating and or cumbersome. User friendly systems facilitates the learning curve for Distributors or Customers with limited or no experience therefore, saving LOTS of time and frustration,

It helps tremendously if the company has a minimum of 300 professionally designed ready to use templates and images. It also helps if the templates are in at least 5 other languages as this enhances global marketability. Find out if the company offers at least one free custom designed template for use in promoting your business or personal ventures. This will ensure a professional appearance, and increase marketability. Not to mention the time, money or the frustration saved in creating one.

Lets take a look at the product side. While both companies have similar products, My Video Talk appears to be getting rave reviews on their Video/Web Conferencing and Live Broadcasting tool. Talk Fusions maintains their competitive edge by announcing they have added those products and will be releasing them to the field within the next few weeks. When comparing products amongst companies, look for products and or tools that will give you the feel of a dedicated sales team working for you around the clock. Lead Capture Forms, cutting edge tools like Automated Video Autoresponders and Video Blog are instant money makers that work for you 24/7. Additionally, find out if the company has their own Social Networking Site. This is a phenomenal tool as it allows you to network, build relationships, learn and share ideas upline, downline and crossline, not to mention access to a huge built-in audience for your personal business ventures. Determine whether or not the company offers both Customer and Distributor Product Packages. A Customer should not have to become a Distributor in order to use the product.