People have assorted reasons for the need to hire a security guard. Perhaps you need security for your business or are planning a special event such as a wedding, anniversary party or fund raiser. Security guards are commonly hired to protect property, individuals or material goods. Most commonly you find them at banks, government offices, hospitals, museums and retail stores but they can be found in limitless locations for any reason. No matter your reason for hiring a security guard there are certain questions you will need to have answered before choosing the one for you. Will they be monitoring a room, patrolling a property or conducting surveillance via security monitors?

Generally you will go through a company in your search. Many companies employ former military or police officers because the job requires honesty and an aptitude to for remaining calm in any situation. These people are the first to respond in the case of a robbery, medical emergency or any type of disturbance. An ability to recognize trouble and deal with it promptly and efficiently is crucial. Whether you hire through a company or do the hiring yourself be sure to have the following questions answered before making your decision on the person you will trust to keep things running smoothly and safely. diploma of whs

What is their training? Are they former military or a former police officer? If so, they have had excellent training and you need not worry. If not, get details on how and where they received training.

Ask about previous experience and why they want you to employ them. What type of security work have they done and what experiences have they had. Was crowd control required or guarding objects? What experience have they had in the past that qualifies them for the job? How does this correlate to your needs and the job requirements?

Why did they leave their previous employment? What were the circumstances and how long were they at their previous employment. This will help determine dependability and loyalty based on how long they keep a job and how they speak about their previous employer. Applicants should be comfortable and relaxed when discussing previous employers and employment.

Give them a scenario to solve relevant to the job. For example: A security guard hired to be present for a large house party – ask what action they would take if they notice a guest searching through the file cabinets in the library? See how well they evaluate and respond to the scenario.

Have they ever had a Criminal Background check done? Is it current? If not, require them to have one.

Do they have experience in basic or armed security? Do they have a license to carry a gun? Has there ever been a need to use it?

Are they a Registered Security Guard? This requires a high school diploma, completed security training and licensing which is good for two years.