The avian flu info that you hear on the nightly news and that your neighbors tell you about may differ form what you can read in reports from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO). All that most people want to know is “what is bird flu” and “how easy is it to get”. infos-live

The avian flu info and key facts provided by the CDC are straight forward, but sometimes difficult to understand. They do answer the questions “what is bird flu” and “how easy is it to get”, aniioki but it takes them a while to get to that. The avian flu info reports from the WHO are sad and pretty scary. They do not really answer questions like “what is bird info”. They mostly report the number of confirmed cases and new deaths from around the world.

So, what is bird flu anyway? Bird flu is avian influenza. It is caused by a flu virus that is carried by wild birds, but is usually only harmful to domesticated birds. It is not easily transmitted to humans and if a human being does get it, the latest avian flu info confirms that it is not very contagious. thermn

There have only been a few cases of the virus being transmitted from one person to another and in those cases the people lived in close quarters with someone who caught it taking care of infected birds. In cases where another person in the household did contract the virus, not everyone in the household was infected. Which is why the latest avian flu info assures us that the virus is still not highly contagious among humans. Fluxusiptv

In the United States, because the government closely monitors cases of avian flu in domesticated birds, there is really no need for anyone living in the United States who does not travel out of the country frequently, 24newsmaster to worry. According to the latest avian flu info from Indonesia, the people living there who raise poultry have need to be concerned. These people may know the answer to the questions “what is bird flu” and “how easy is it to get” or they may not. The latest cases were in villages that are remote and not easily accessible by road. ufabetutoredm7