Are you tired of dealing with flight anxiety and ready to finally overcome your fear of flying? Well stick with me for a few minutes and you’ll find out some techniques that will get you on your first care-free flight in no time…Let’s get to it! =)”

Now, I understand how frustrating it is to deal with flight anxiety; ufabettermostum7 I suffered from it for over 8 years until I was taught these techniques that I am about to share with you. The good news is that there are only 3 that you need to know to begin a fearless flight…

1. Movies and media create a stereotype of disaster. Plane crashes are pretty rare and the statistics back it up, however, ufabettermentum7 the media has a bad reputation for the over-coverage of air disasters. If you have a fear of flying, it’s bad enough to hear about a plane going down, but to hear references to it for weeks upon weeks after the accident makes many dwell on the tragedy; building anxiety and fears that the same will happen to them.

Movies are no better; with special effects being able to detail the most tragic of images, many have the “opportunity” to witness disaster in graphic detail. Before I took my first international trip 9 years ago, ufabetteringum7 I saw a movie where a teenager had a premonition about a plane exploding and with vivid imagery they were able to show you the air disaster. As a 15 year old headed for a 15 hour flight, you can understand how this scene stuck with me for years.

It’s up to you to remember that planes fly passengers (over 2 million in the U.S. alone to be exact) everyday! The movies are just that: movies. The media does what the do best, bringing the news. Just don’t dwell on images that you see on the screen because the odds are very much in your favor that you won’t become additional media coverage!

2. It’s all in your mind! Do you remember being a little kid going to bed? Your mom would turn off the lights and close the door. About 5 minutes later, you swear that you could hear something either in your closet or under your bed. The shadows cast through your window would create images that had you convinced that the Boogeyman was in your room. When you would run into your parents’ room and tell them, ufabettererum7 your Dad would immediately tell you, “…it’s all in your head, go back to bed!” When you became a teenager, you realized that he was right. The same thing applies to flying.

Whenever you begin to visualize an air disaster, you are actually doing what is completely natural to human nature; predicting expected outcomes to give you an assortment of options. Its part of our fight or flight response which allowed us to weigh the chances of being eaten by a tiger if we hunted it for food or what would happen if we failed and tried to run! If you are on a plane, wildufabetm7 don’t sweat it if you begin visualizing scenes of doom in your head, accept it and remind yourself that its’ only a fantasy. Replace those images with positive ones; think about your friends that you are going to see when you make it to your destination and so on. Just the visualization of the fun that you are going to have when the plane touches down is guaranteed to ease the anxiety going on in your mind.

3. Really analyze the statistics. Now I know that you know how safe flying is. I mean, whiteufabetm7 when I was first overcoming my fear of flying, I didn’t care at all about the statics. You have roughly a 1 in 165 MILLION chance of dying in a plane crash which means you have a better chance of winning your state lottery! Really think about these odds though when you fly, just as made myself realize. Whenever I would take a flight, I would talk to ALL of the flight attendants and ask them how long they had been a flight attendant. I remember one flight that I had taken, the responses I got were incredible: 15 years, ufabetvoicem7 24 years, 10 years, 30 years… these attendants had flown every single day for a combined total of 79 years and they were still walking around! That really helped ease my mind whenever I would take a flight and I highly recommend for you to do the same.